The Autonomous Movement Initiative

The Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) is launching the Autonomous Movement Initiative, a themed round of grant funding for projects focused on autonomous vehicle movement.

Thanks to grant funding from the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, the DSPL is curating a focused round of funding to support autonomous projects at the facility.

Deploy, test, and demonstrate your solution at the lab for six months, and take advantage of the resources, network, and power of the DSPL.

Who is Eligible?

Companies looking to demonstrate and test an automated movement solution leveraging the infrastructure, technical and outreach support from the Detroit Smart Parking Lab are encouraged to apply.


  • Companies are not required to be Michigan-based, but should have tangible growth in the Michigan goals they will be tracking during and after the program.
  • Companies must have, at minimum, a prototype capable of being demonstrated or tested in a controlled environment.
  • Companies participating should plan to travel to Detroit to install their solution, and to participate in DSPL-curated events throughout the six-month period.

What is Covered?

Grant funds may be used to cover expenses such as lab fees for deploying at the facility, lab infrastructure required to support the demonstration, and some travel costs and technical time for your team to be at the facility.

The grantee will be responsible for the hardware/software cost of their solution and the time it takes the grantee to prepare the solution for demonstration at the DSPL.

Why Should You Participate?

The DSPL is a phenomenal place to test and demonstrate new solutions in a controlled environment. Throughout your time deploying in the lab you will:


  • have a base in Michigan in the backyard of the automotive industry.
  • access the DSPL sponsor teams and their respective networks across the industry.
  • participate in multiple curated events throughout the deployment period to showcase your company and technology.

In 2023, we had more than 450 industry professionals from across the globe visit the DSPL, including visitors from North America, Europe, Asia, South America.

We promoted technologies and DSPL users in partnership with the World Economic Forum, Automotive News Pace Pilot, and multiple international trade delegations.


March 1

Intake forms due

March 15

Initial feedback from DSPL encouraging or discouraging grant application

March 29

Full grant application due


Award notifications

May 1

Deployments start in DSPL

Unlock Funding Opportunities

After completing the intake form, you may be eligible to apply for the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform Grant, which provides grants to mobility and electrification companies looking to deploy their technology solutions in Michigan. Dedicated innovation grants are available to support projects utilizing the DSPL.

See and be Seen

The lab is a bustling place ripe for networking and collaboration. DSPL project partners can leverage the lab’s organic reach through third-party or user-specific events.