The Future of Parking Has Arrived

The Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) operates on the ground floor of a physical parking structure that enables real-world testing of parking-related mobility technologies, logistics, and electric vehicle charging. DSPL gives technology developers a platform to examine ways to improve customer experiences and the efficient movement of vehicles and goods in defined spaces. This initiative is sponsored by Bosch, Bedrock Detroit, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Ford Motor Company.


Find Out Who’s Working at the Lab

Cron AI

Cron AI is fueling the evolution of autonomous systems with ingenuity and precision. Learn more about what they’re doing at the DSPL.

Joule Labs

Joule Labs is building systems that help humans and tech to work alongside each other. Learn more about what they’re doing at the DSPL.


Kerb-e is on a mission to make EV charging equitable, ubiquitous, and affordable for drivers who park on-street. Learn more about what they’re doing...

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