Alba Robot

The genesis of ALBA Robot is deeply rooted in a personal narrative. 

The founder’s grandmother, Alba, faced mobility challenges and was confined to a wheelchair. Interestingly, during this same period, the founder was immersed in the world of autonomous driving technology through his research at a forward-thinking engineering company. Driven by a genuine desire to enhance the lives of those facing mobility challenges, he envisioned harnessing the emerging technology for broader societal benefit. The overarching objective was to amplify inclusivity and accessibility across expansive spaces. Thus, ALBA Robot was born, embodying a steadfast commitment to making autonomous technology a universal solution, breaking down barriers, and fostering a more accessible world.

ALBA Robot was founded to deliver a micromobility solution and platform to revolutionize the transportation of people in pedestrian areas (indoor and outdoor) by using self-driving Personal Mobility Robots (PMRs). In particular, ALBA Robot aims to help people with reduced mobility, empowering them towards greater independence and an enhanced quality of life. We strive to become a global leader in providing solutions for autonomous/assisted mobility services to facilities by combining the best technologies from Automotive, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. Passionate about technology and innovation, we believe these should be applied to improve people’s lives. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team, constantly challenging ourselves to improve. Our common goal is to bring our autonomous micromobility platform to the market and reach all who can benefit from this technology.

Working at the DSPL will strategically position ALBA in the heart of the North American market within the thriving Detroit mobility ecosystem. This positioning will allow us to network, contribute to industry developments, and align our offerings with the ever-evolving market needs. As a proud Michigander, I am thrilled about having the opportunity to deploy our technology at the DSPL. I am personally invested in opening our North American headquarters here in my home state. I plan to spearhead the company’s growth within the state and create job opportunities for Michiganders graduating from trade schools and Michigan colleges and universities. With the right commercial opportunities, we will build our supply chain and “Make it in Michigan,” forging strategic partnerships with local suppliers. The DSPL is an ideal launchpad to support our expansion within Michigan and beyond.

Alba Robot

What they’re doing at the lab

ALBA Robot at the DSPL aims to create a comprehensive and accessible self-driving personal mobility robot (PMR) service designed to meet the transportation needs of people with reduced mobility while enhancing inclusivity and independence. This service will transport people to and from parking structures and around adjacent facilities such as airports, hospitals, shopping malls, museums, senior living communities, and pedestrian areas.