Elevated Parking

Elevated Parking Corp. (EPC) provides alternative car and bike parking equipment and software for residential, mixed use, retail, office, airport, and higher education. 

EPC’s mechanical car and bike parking equipment provides up to 200% more parking than conventional solutions.

EPC’s suite of car and bike parking and retrieval optimization software is designed to reduce valet labor by up to 50% 

By providing both equipment and software, EPC will be one of the first companies offering autonomous valet parking to existing and new construction projects.

“Deploying our dense parking equipment and software at the DSPL has opened many doors to an array of other technologies that have been complimentary to our products and services.”

Elevated Parking

What they’re doing at the lab

When faced with limited building footprints, unfavorable soil conditions, high excavation costs, floor area ratio limits, height limits, or any combination of these conditions, mechanical parking solutions have the potential to not only achieve a more cost-effective parking solution, but can also be compatible with adaptive reuse should parking demand change in the future.  

EPC’s projects at the DSPL, demonstrate how certain mechanical parking systems in combination with autonomous valet vehicle parking can provide nearly three times the amount of parking over what could be achieved in the same space by traditional methods. By combining autonomous parking with mechanical parking, costs for construction, land and labor will be reduced allowing affordable urban parking.