HEVO, Inc.

HEVO is demonstrating its level-two hybrid plug-in and wireless charger at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL), unlocking collaboration opportunities with other lab tenants.

HEVO’s mission is to eliminate global reliance on fossil fuels by optimizing electric vehicles (EVs) with a safe, simple, and seamless charging experience. HEVO develops wireless and hybrid plug-in charging hardware and software for early commercial projects with customers on four continents. HEVO is raising capital to enable the expansion of its team and production capacity to meet rising demand from automakers, fleets, installers, and other partners.

“HEVO is proud to partner with DSPL. This has enabled Brooklyn-based HEVO to expand its physical and team footprint, demonstrate our revolutionary technology to public and private stakeholders in Southeast Michigan, and establish fruitful relationships with other innovative tenants at DSPL.”

Thomas Armstrong
Operations Manager

What they’re doing at the lab

HEVO is demonstrating its level-two hybrid plug-in and wireless charger at DSPL, which adds ~25 miles of range per hour of charge at a comparable speed and efficiency as traditional plug-in charging. You can find HEVO’s latest Rezonant product and Nissan EV at the facility.

HEVO frequently collaborates with other tenants at DSPL. With Bosch, they have explored the
possibilities of pairing HEVO’s wireless charging with Bosch’s automated valet parking, which could unlock tremendous time savings for drivers and operations and maintenance savings for fleet operators.