Cron AI

Cron AI has a mission to redefine the boundaries of 3D perception technology, fueling the evolution of autonomous systems with ingenuity and precision.

Guided by innovation, Cron AI aims to pave the way for safer, smarter, and more seamlessly connected environments, where machines perceive and interact with the world with unparalleled accuracy and intelligence.

The Smart Parking Lab offers a platform to validate our solutions in a live operational environment. By demonstrating the efficacy of our perception technologies in improving parking efficiency, reducing congestion, and enhancing the overall urban experience, we strengthen our value proposition and build trust with stakeholders.

Tushar Chhabra
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cron AI

What they’re doing at the lab

Cron AI plans to use the data from the Smart Parking Lab to continuously optimize our algorithms and pipeline. Analyzing real-time data on parking occupancy, traffic patterns, and user behavior, would help us refine our solutions to deliver maximum impact and value to cities and communities.