Kerb-e is on a mission to make electric vehicle (EV) charging equitable, ubiquitous, and affordable for drivers who park on-street. The company’s scalable, future-proof products are designed to fit on any street, enabling motorists without dedicated parking to benefit from the EV revolution.

What they’re doing at the lab

With Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) support, Kerb-e is trialling a range of their chargers with their custom curb scene specifically designed to simulate parallel parking. Having a controlled environment allows them to push their products to their limits so they can be confident they will perform flawlessly in a public setting. At DSPL, Kerb-e can test new designs and improvements to both hardware and software. The lab platform also allows Kerb-e to showcase technology to investors and customers, giving them hands-on experience with their chargers.

“Working with DSPL has allowed us to prove the benefits and advantages of our technology in an environment where costly and lengthy red tape would otherwise prevent us from doing so. The DSPL team has helped Kerb-e with introductions to firms in the industry that can help with product development, investment, and pilot programs. Being among others who are also testing their technology in the lab has been inspiring. It’s great to see so much energy and passion going into the transition to sustainable transport and energy.”

Erik Anderson