Joule Labs

Joule Labs mission is to use automation and mobility to address the shortcomings of traditional fixed electric vehicle (EV) charging systems and ultimately enable the sustainable mass deployment of EVs.

Through robotics and engineering, Joule Labs is building systems that help humans and tech to work alongside each other, making EV charging faster, easier, and futureproof for charging vendors and EV owners.

“As the CEO of Joule Labs, working with the Detroit Smart Parking Lab has been an invaluable experience that has deepened our commitment to revolutionizing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Through our collaboration with DSPL, we have gained critical insights into the challenges and opportunities in the EV charging landscape. We’ve had the privilege of seeing our automated robotic-arm-based charging system in action, interacting with users, and receiving direct feedback. This hands-on experience has allowed us to refine and enhance our technology, ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of EV owners and the broader community.”

Nino Vidovic, PhD
Founder and CEO, Joule Labs Inc.

What they’re doing at the lab

Joule Labs goal at DSPL has been to build, deploy, and evaluate the functionality of a proof of concept for our Mobee™ automated robotic charging arm in a real-world environment. The Mobee™ arm is designed to assist with charging EVs and autonomous vehicles (AVs) by connecting and disconnecting an EV charger to a vehicle on its own, without human aid or intervention.

Through DSPL, Joule Labs is able assess the user experience of their EV charging technology by collecting user feedback and insights and then using this information to refine and enhance their system’s usability, making it more convenient and accessible for EV owners. They are also refining ther deployment strategy for Mobee™ charging infrastructure after reviewing optimal locations, power infrastructure requirements, and logistical considerations for the efficient rollout of fully automated charging stations.

DSPL has provided Joule Labs with an ongoing opportunity to demonstrate the feasibility and practicality of the Mobee™ robotic-arm-based charging system to a diverse audience, including industry stakeholders, government officials, and potential customers. They have also had ongoing support with fostering engagement with a variety of stakeholders, including local authorities, regulatory bodies, potential partners, and the general public.