The Voltpost lamppost charging platform was deployed at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL). This enabled Voltpost to demonstrate the product to stakeholders from public and private organizations, plus gain insights as the team prepares for commercialization.

Voltpost is on a mission to decarbonize mobility by democratizing charging access. The company was founded in 2021 to reduce transportation emissions by accelerating the electric mobility transition. Voltpost does this by retrofitting lampposts into a modular and upgradable electric vehicle charging platform. This technology reduces the cost, timing, and footprint of charging station installation and provides communities with a scalable, equitable solution. Voltpost closed a $3.6M seed round in May 2023 to deploy and scale the platform. Voltpost is a vision for the future of sustainable communities. Born in America. Built coast to coast.

“Voltpost aims to be a transformative force in the climate movement by making charging as ubiquitous as lampposts. The Detroit Smart Parking Lab provided a springboard to build relationships that are enabling our team to deploy in Michigan and across the country”

Jeff Prosserman
Founder and CEO

What they’re doing at the lab

Voltpost successfully retrofitted a lamppost at DSPL with their Level 2 charging platform. Voltpost’s project showcased that a charger could be installed in less than 1 hour, for a fraction of the cost of traditional charging stations, without requiring expensive and timely construction or trenching. The platform’s modularity maximizes uptime while minimizing operating and maintenance expenses. Voltpost also enables future product capabilities including 5G connectivity and grid services.